Frequently Asked Questions 

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What are peak times?
Peak times are Monday to Thursday 6pm-9pm, All other times are Off-peak times.

How do I reset my password?
You can reset your password by clicking here, alternatively you can email us from the account you wish to reset and we can do it for you. Be sure to change it to something secure and preferably memorable to you, straight after.

How much does each space cost?
You can find our current pricing sheet here

How long do promotional rates last for?
We are currently running a promotion on Sundays in certain areas, this promotion can end anytime. If you have already booked future dates with us on promotional rates, when the promotion ends, the price difference will not effect your booking.

What footwear do you recommend for your pitches?
Please click here for a footwear guide

FAQs for Block Bookings

How do I make a block bookings?
A block booking is a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks in the same slot and space each week. Once you have checked that the space is actually available (view the calendar of each space: click here) then you can email in a request for these slots. A minimum of a 4 weeks must be paid in advance to secure a block booking. We will arrange a payment plan and then will ask for these payments in advance via a PayByLink(PBL) sent to your email.

What are PBL’s
A PayByLink is way for us to request payment to your email address. It provides a link which opens a website that can securely take a payment on our behalf. This is run on our behalf by our online merchant Worldpay.
You can find out more here: here

If I fall into arrears will I lose my booking?
You risk losing your block booking if you do not keep up with advance payments. As the PBL’s are sent out (and also expire before) the next period of unpaid booking starts, this is usually the start of the month.

My PBL has expired?
The PBL is set to expire on the same day as the first session of each month. Unfortunately if this has expired it means that you have turned up without paying in advance. As you must pay for your booking prior to your session commencing, once your PBL expires you will be reissued another one with a £10 arrears surcharge.

I did not receive a PBL?
If a PBL was not issued we will issue one as soon as we are alerted. You will get the full 7 days to make this payment even if this goes beyond the date of the first session of the month.

I have paid for my block booking but my account is still showing as ‘unpaid’?
As some block bookings are paid monthly, others quarterly or bi-annually… it may take up to a week for the payment to be processed and show up as ‘paid’ in your account.