Terms and Conditions IST



Terms and Conditions for Online Bookings  

These terms set out the basis on which we will accept online bookings for or sports and leisure facilities.  By proceeding with your application, you confirm your acceptance of these terms.



  1. Meanings of Terms used in this document  

 “Activity” means any sporting or leisure activity to be undertaken pursuant to the Booking 

“Application means your request for us to provide the Services, submitted via the Website  

“Booking means a booking accepted by the Trust pursuant to section 4 of these terms 

“Facility” means the facility managed by the Trust and identified in the Application as being the place at which the subject matter in the Application is to be provided 

“Fee(s)” means the fees payable by you in relation to the Booking, as set out in the Website 

“School” means George Green’s School, 100 Manchester Road, London E14 3DW  

“Services” means the Services or facilities we Are providing to you, which are described in the Application 

“Sessions” means, in relation to the Booking, the sessions during which the Services are to be provided, which are set out in the Application 

“Trust” means The Island Sports Trust (details below) and is referred to as “us”, “we” or “our” in these terms



2. About the Trust  

2.1       The Trust is a company limited by guarantee (registered number 03062892) which is also registered as a charity (registered number 1057717).  

2.2       Our registered office is at 37 Rushey Green, London SE6 4AS. 

2.3       We operate the Activities at the Facility under an agreement with the School whereby the use of the Facilities by the community out of school hours and at weekends are managed by the Trust.  

2.4       We are the operators of the Website. 

2.5       If you need to contact us for any reason in relation to your Booking or your participation in the Activity, you can do so at the Facility using the contact details on the Website. 



  1. Our use of your personal information 

We will use your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy which can be viewed here  islandsportstrust.co.uk/privacy-policy/



  1. Acceptance of your booking  

4.1       Please note that occasionally the Facilities may be required at short notice by the School.  

4.2       The decision of accepting your Application will be at our sole discretion and a Booking will not be completed until you have received an email from us confirming that the Booking has been made.  

4.3       We have the right to refuse any Application and we reserve the right to verify, or require proof of, all information given in the Application.  Any fraudulent or wrongful information given in order to obtain a Booking could result in the cancellation of your Booking.  

4.4       We only accept Bookings by people over the age of 18.  Bookings for Activities to be undertaken by children can only be made by the parent or legal guardian of those children.  By submitting the Application, you warrant that you are aged 18 or over and that you are Booking an Activity for a child of whom you are the parent or legal guardian.  

4.5       Subject to the Booking being confirmed and subject to you paying the Fee, you will be entitled to undertake the Activity at the time or at the times set out in the Application.  

4.6       Except as expressly set out in these Terms, we will not refund the Fee if you choose not to undertake the Activity or attend any session.  

4.7       The Activity may only be undertaken by the person or persons identified in the Application and any attempt to transfer it to a third party will result in its immediate cancellation.  

4.8       You are not permitted to enter the School or partake in Activities when under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs 

4.9       You are not permitted to bring any animals into any Facility with the exception of guide dogs. If You know you require the use of a guide dog, please inform us.  

4.10     Without seeking the permission of the Trust’s staff, you are not permitted to bring or use photographic or recording devices anywhere in our Facilities, nor are you permitted to use mobile telephones in the taking of photographs, video footage or sound recordings.  

4.11     You are not permitted to smoke anywhere on the School premises, in the outdoor areas within the Facilities or in their immediate vicinity.  

4.12     You are not permitted to consume alcohol anywhere on the School premises, in the outdoor areas within the Facilities or in the immediate vicinity  

4.13     All non-registered users attending a session or participating in Activities with a registered user must adhere to these Terms and Conditions.  

4.14     Concessionary rates are only given to people using the Studio and Theatre who have one instructor and no more than 4 participants.  

4.15     Junior rates are given at the discretion of the Trust’s manager.



  1. The Services  

5.1       Subject to the remainder of these Terms, we will provide the Services at the Sessions set out in the Application.  

5.2       We will use our reasonable efforts to ensure that each Session starts on time but times shall be estimates only and shall not be of the essence for the provision of the Services.  

5.3       You will provide all information and co-operation in relation to the Services as we may reasonably require from time to time. 

5.4       If there is any problem with the Services you should let us know as soon as reasonably possible and give us a reasonable time to respond and to take corrective measures.



  1. Limitation of Liability  

6.1       We are responsible to you for any loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breach of these Terms or our negligence but we are not responsible for loss or damage caused by other factors including loss or damage caused by you or a third party not involved on our behalf with the Services.  

6.2       Any personal belongings brought onto the School Premises are at your own risk.  We accept no liability for loss or damage to property of members/customers which is not caused by the negligence of us or our employees or volunteers under our control or management.  

6.3       We accept no liability for loss or damage to your car and/or its contents if you park it within the School Premises unless caused by the negligence of us or our employees or volunteers under our control or management. There are a limited number of parking spaces which the School permits to be used by customers when taking part in an Activity at the School.  The use of these spaces is not managed, controlled or overseen by the Trust and booking a Facility does not guarantee that any parking spaces will be available.  Any vehicle parked at the School must be removed immediately at the end of the Session.  Cycles and motorcycles must not be parked outside the entrance to the School. 



  1. Physical Health of Participants  

7.1       It is the responsibility of people participating in the Activity to take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that their physical health enables them to participate in the Activity.



  1. Fees and Payments  

8.1.      All Fees paid in advance are non-refundable, unless the circumstances set out in cancellation provisions below.



  1. Cancellation / Deferral policy  

9.1.      To cancel a Booking, we recommend that you go online via islandsportstrust.co.uk/my-account/ and cancel your Booking there. If you are unable to cancel online, you may alternatively cancel your Booking in person or by calling 020-7001-9441 during opening hours. Cancellations via telephone may be accepted at the Trust manager’s discretion.  

9.2.      The following cancellation fees will be charged as below
Early Cancellation within 180 days                   = 10% of Booking Fee retained
Late Cancellation within 14 days (336 hours)    = 30% of Booking Fee retained
No Cancellation within 5 days (120 hours)        = 100% of Booking Fee is retained  

9.3       Any late cancellation and failures to attend will be noted on Your Booking records and Your ability to use Our facilities or make further bookings may be blocked if a pattern develops.   

9.4       To defer a booking the following conditions apply:  

9.5       You must give us 7 days notice (168 hours) to defer a booking  

9.6       A Booking (slot) can only be deferred once  

9.7       Please send an email into info@islandsporstrust.co.uk referencing the Booking number  

9.8       Deferral of a Booking with less than 7 days (168 hours) notice can be processed under exceptional circumstances with the Trust’s manager’s discretion



  1. Block Bookings  

10.1     A Block Booking is one that runs consecutively for 12 weeks or more.  

10.2     You can cancel an individual slot or the whole Block Booking at any time during the term.
Cancellation fees for Block Bookings will be charged as below:
Early Cancellation within 180 days                  = 5% of Booking Fee retained
Late Cancellation within 14 days (336 hours)   = 10% of Booking Fee retained
No Cancellation within 5 days (120 hours)       = 100% of Booking Fee is retained  

10.3     Please note: Block Bookings must be paid for 1 month in advance. Failure to keep up with payments will lead to your booking being cancelled. The resending of an online payment request (via WorldPay) will disqualify your booking from any discounts and incur a £10.00 admin-fee, per-week and per-booking.  

10.4     To allow fair access to the Facilities to the local community you may hold no more than 3 hours of Bookings with us per week.  If you require extra slots please contact the Trust’s manager.



  1. Refund Policy  

11.1     Refunds are only given for the following reasons:  

– If you cancel a booking with more than 5 working days’ notice. (Partial Refund)
– If we are unable to honour the Booking due to circumstance beyond our control e.g. power failure at the premises. (full refund or deferred booking)  

11.2     If you require a refund please email info@islandsportstrust.co.uk  informing us of the following: 

(a) Booking number / order number
(b) Reason for cancellation  

11.3     Refunds will be made by the following methods: 

Payments made to us via WorldPay will be refunded within 10 working days
Payments made to us via other methods will be refunded within 21 working days



 Agreed & approved by the Secretary and Trustees of The Island Sports Trust  01/Oct/2019